La Parapharmacie
Maitake Immune and antioxidant
Marshmallow Tincture Organic Used traditionally as a demulcent for the respiratory, urinary and digestive mucous membranes.
Myco Feron Supreme Blend Calms the nervous system, reduces insomnia. Lowers blood pressure and blood cholesterol.
Natural D-Hist The Natural D-Hist formula helps nasal and sinus passageways.
Nettle Juice Used in Herbal Medicine as supportive therapy to help relieve rheumatic complaints. Help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms.
Oligophytum Manganese-Copper Oligotherapy remedy – Plant sourced trace elements.
Oréganum Plus Capsules Used to help relieve the symptoms associated with catarrhal conditions of the upper respiratory tract (sinusitis, allergies, common cold).
P'llens Mid Suggested for mid season pollens sensitivities (grasses, dandelion & sorel). Mid-Season plants may include: Alfalfa, Bermuda, Blue Grass, corn, creosote, dandelion, dock sorrel, fescue, greasewood, June grass, locust, marsh elder, Russian olive, rye grass, salt cedar, Shadescale, Timothy, vernal grass.
Pancreatin Each capsule contains a 4× concentrate of pancreatic enzymes to support the pancreas with digestion and control inflammation.
Pascallerg Relieve symptoms of allergies.
Pascallerg Forte Relieves symptoms of allergies.
Pollenox Helps relieve any symptoms associated with seasonal allergies.