La Parapharmacie
Thym Organic Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as an expectorant to help relieve the symptoms of bronchitis and mucus buildup of the upper respiratory tract; to help relieve coughs and to help relieve indigestion.
TiliaCalm Kids Used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve mild digestive disturbances. Used in Herbal Medicine as a calmative and/or sleep aid.
TIM Helps to maintain eyesight, skin, membranes and immune function
Triphlax-750 Promotes cleansing of the liver, colon and other organs. Supports gastrointestinal health and helps reduce inflammation.
UltraNutrient UltraNutrient® combines Nutrient 950® with advanced antioxidants and standardized phytonutrient extracts.
V'rus For general support during challenges from a viral nature.
Virafect Antiviral, febrifuge and anti-inflammatory properties which help treating influenza with fever, as well as other viral infections.
Vocalix Tincture Organic Traditionally used to soothe sore throats and laryngitis.
Vrl-gen Synergistic Phyto-gen blend to help strengthen the natural defenses in order to mount an appropriate immune response to viral aggressors
Wild Oregano C93 (Liquid) Wild crafted from sustainable sources in the Mediterranean
Wild Oregano Oil C93 With Garlic To help relieve the symptoms associated with upper respiratory tract infections and catarrhal conditions.
Wild Sandalwood Santalum Austrocaledonicum