La Parapharmacie
CoQ10 30 An antioxidant required by tissues and organs to maintain and support cardiovascular health.
Enerex Cholesta Check Cholesta Check's active ingredients work with your body's natural processes to help promote healthy cholesterol levels.
Enerex Gluco Check Enerex Gluco Check is a powerful blood sugar formula and a brilliant blend of Ayurvedic Medicine and modern Nutritional Supplement science.
Fenugreek Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a galactagogue/lactagogue to help promote milk production/secretion and as a supportive therapy for the promotion of healthy glucose levels.
Fenugreek Helps promote milk secretion and as supportive therapy for the promotion of healthy glucose levels.
Five Mushroom Blend Strengthens the immune system. Lowers blood pressure. Contributes to liver recovery.
Gammadyn I Hypothyroidism, abscesses, fatigue, viral diseases.
Gammadyn Zn-Ni-Co Digestive disorders, food allergies.
Ginseng Siberian 0.8% Eleutherosides Siberian Ginseng is a great immune booster and is regarded as a potent anti-stress nutrient.
Gluco balance Blood glucose regulating formula.
GlucoSense <ul><li>Helps to normalize blood sugars</li><li>Reduces sugar cravings</li><li>Effective for diabetic neuropathy</li><li>Enhances weight loss</li><li>Improves circulation</li><li>Improves sugar metobolism</li><li>Excellent antioxidant support</li><li>Helps to normalize cholesterol levels</li><li>Supports healthy triglyceride levels</li><li>Helps to protect against hypoglycemia</li></ul>
GLUCOsmart Aids weight loss and is a diabetic support for healthy blood sugar control.