La Parapharmacie
Lifeshield Cordyceps - 60 caps - Guaranteed 15% Beta-Glucans - Used to Tonify the Kidney and Lungs - Suitable for Vegans
Lobelia Plex Asthma, bronchial asthma.
Lonicera Nigra Asthma, inflammation of the spleen.
Lung, Bronchial & Sinus Health For sinus, cough and respiratory tract.
Magnesium CitraMate Benefits energy production, cardiac function, carbohydrate metabolism, pulmonary function and Krebs cycle function and energy production.
Magnesium Citrate Powder Orange The most absorbable, effective, fast-acting magnesium available anywhere
Marshmallow Helps relieve cough, inflammation of the mucous membranes during infection of the upper respiratory tract, peptic ulcer and/ or cystitis
Marshmallow Used in Herbal Medicine as a demulcent to relieve the irritation of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa and associated dry cough.
Mullein Used as an expectorant to help relieve chest complaints such as catarrh, coughs, and bronchitis.
Mullein This infusion is used in cases of respiratory ailments such as colds, flu, bronchitis and sore throat.
Mullein Respiratory health.
NAC N-acetylcysteine (NAC) for liver support, detoxification, and immune support.