La Parapharmacie
Echinacea Combination #2 Impaired immune system, sinusitis, hay fever, allergies, conjunctivitis, tonsillitis, head colds, and ear, nose and throat infections
Echinacea Elderberry Tea This tea has revitalizing effects, mixing with elderberry, another refreshing plant secular use.
Ephedra (Tincture) For the relief of nasal or bronchial congestions. Useful for respiratory conditions. Decongestant.
Eucalyptus Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as an expectorant to help alleviate symptoms of mild respiratory tract inflammation and bronchitis; to help alleviate symptoms of throat inflammation.
Eyebright Traditionally used in Western Herbalism for the relief of sinusitis, specifically with copious watery and acrid eye and nasal secretions, and for inflammation of the eyes, including conjunctivitis and hay fever allergies.
Immune 7 (422,8 mg) Serious Immune Support
Lung, Bronchial & Sinus Health For sinus, cough and respiratory tract.
Lymphdiaral Relieves inflammation.
Lymphdiaral Forte - 10 Ampoules Relieves inflammation.
Lymphdiaral Sensitive Cream Homeopathic cream to relieve symptoms of swelling and inflammation for sensitive skin.
Muco coccinum -10 tablets Muco coccinum is indicated for all types of flus, colds and respiratory ailments.
Muco Stop Digestive enzymes. Alpha-galactosidase helps reduce gas production/flatulence following a meal rich in fermentable carbohydrates (such as vegetables, pulses/legumes/beans and whole grains). Seaprose S breaks down mucus and helps to reduce symptoms such as pain, quantity of secretion, and stuffy nose/nasal congestion from ear, nose, and throat infections.