La Parapharmacie
MAGsmart Helps you fall asleep and lowers blood pressure.
Mega B12 For maintenance of good health.
Menodause Extra Strength Menodause is a complete all-natural formula which alleviates unwanted symptoms of menopause while effectively revitalizing exhausted glands.
Meta-Fem® Vitamin-mineral supplement for women over 40.
Methyl B12 – 15 mg Ultra-high dose formulation of methylcobalamin, which is a source of Vitamin B12 and helps to prevent vitamin B12 deficiency.
Methyl B12 – 5 mg Helps prevent vitamin B12 deficiency.
Methyl B12 Plus Supplements the body’s need for B vitamins.
Methyl B12 Sublingual with Folic Acid Helps to produce red blood cells and helps to treat pernicious anemia.
Methylcobalamin Active, tissue-ready form of vitamin B12.
Methylcobalamin 1000 mcg Advanced vitamin B12 to maintain good health
Multi B High potency B vitamin formula to help immune and nervous system functions during periods of prolonged stress
Multi-B #6 B-complex support with extra B6.